About the author

  • Family: awesome!
    • Happily married to my best friend since 1985
    • Proud father of two awesome adult children
  • Career: ever-changing
    • 23 years’ service in the US Army, retired in 2006
    • Second career managing materials and logistics for a major oil company
    • Currently serving the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma, WA in whatever capacity I can to help it grow and flourish
  • Faith: radically committed to following Jesus as my Lord and Savior
    • I’ve been around the Christian church most of my life, but spent the first 40 or so years avoiding God, because I didn’t understand him.  He finally got my attention, and I dedicated my life to serving him in 2004.
  • Politics: it’s complicated
    • I’m preeminently qualified to be a stereotypical ultra-conservative, but that’s not me.  I tend to be pretty moderate, but complex. My political and socio-economic views are complicated by the fact that I believe the big problems aren’t easily solved–it’s the details that make them problems.
  • Education: always learning
    • Bachelor of Science in Economics, minor in Political Science/International Relations
    • Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management
    • Master of Christian Ministry