Technology 3, Greg 0

But it’s 4th and goal, I’ve got the ball on Technology’s 2 yard line, and there’s 17 seconds left in the 4th quarter. 2 tight-end set, and I’m going for 6, baby!

I’ve been fighting with the desktop at home for months now, then Wednesday my really cool Windows Mobile Phone (HTC Tilt, none of that feel-good iPhone junk–a real power-user’s phone!) had a hardware failure.

But, at 1:32 am Saturday morning, I’ve got my hard drive reformatted, with all my new software up and running (including my Zune software, so I can listen to podcasts again–and it WORKS!!!). Partitioned the hard drive so next time the OS goes south, I don’t have to remember where all the data is squirreled away (got all the really important stuff, but I lost my “favorites”).

And, I got a new phone–HTC Fuze. Tilt on STEROIDS!!! All the cool UI of the iPhone, plus real functionality, not just toys (but I can get toys too).

So, life’s good! What did we ever do before technology made our lives so much easier? We definitely got more sleep. I’m off to bed. Gotta get up in about 5 hours.

Sorry for the long delays with no posts. But, I’m baaacckkk!


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