Obama Administration declares Bible-believing Christians and Veterans “Terrorists”


This headline, or others like it, has screamed at me several times from my inbox, as concerned Christian friends have attempted to “get the word out” about the coming persecution.

A recent article from Evangelical Christian writer Rick Joyner on his webpage states:

“Consider this: In the infamous memo put out by the Department of Homeland Security about potential terrorist threats in America, it named Christians who believe the end-time prophecies in the Bible and veterans, but did not name Islamic extremists. Think about how skewed that is. When was the last time a Christian flew an airplane into a building or was a suicide bomber? Over the last half century virtually every major terrorist attack in the world came from one group, Islamic jihadists, and yet that group is not even named as a potential threat by our DHS.” Prepared for the Times, Part 28, MorningStar Ministries

These statements concerned me, so I sought out the memo to see what it actually said. I’m concerned that Mr. Joyner, along with others who have forwarded emails citing this memo as a threat to Christians, did not read the memo. If they did, then I’m more concerned that they’re either:

a) Thoroughly misunderstanding what Christians stand for, or

b) So intent on finding fault with our administration that they are deliberately twisting the words so as to be offended by something that’s not inherent in the meaning.

The document in question is an intelligence threat assessment. It’s title indicates its subject matter (Right Wing Extremism). It does not state that Islamic jihadists are NOT a threat; they are just not within the scope of the document.

The references to veterans revolve around their potential recruitment by right wing extremist organizations. It does NOT state that veterans are likely to become right wing extremists, or that veterans themselves were potential terrorist threats, just that extremist organizations were targeting veterans for recruitment.

I’m even more taken aback by the comments about “it nam[ing] Christians who believe the end-time prophecies in the Bible…” as potential terrorist threats. I was eager to see what our government had to say that identified Bible-believing Christians (like me) as terrorist threats!

The only section of the document that mentions “Christian” or “end times” is the last paragraph on page 4, quoted in part here:

“Antigovernment conspiracy theories and ‘end times’ prophecies could motivate extremist individuals and groups to stockpile food, ammunition, and weapons. These teachings also have been linked with the radicalization of domestic extremist individuals and groups in the past, such as violent Christian Identity organizations and extremist members of the militia movement.”

Given that “end times prophecies” abound, and exist beyond the Bible, I decided to look into the “Christian Identity organizations” they referenced. Another quick Google search brought me to several websites about Christian Identity, and several other Christian Identity organizational websites. A brief review of these sites led me to several conclusions:

1) These organizations are NOT Christian

2) Their understanding of the “end times” is a grotesque bastardization of the Bible to justify their hatred of Jews and other non-white races

3) In at least one instance I found, they are very overtly targeting US veterans through deception and pandering to potential disillusionment in our returning veterans.

4) These guys are dangerous wackos that I want our government to keep an eye on!!!

Nowhere else in the government document does it address Bible-believing Christians. So I implore my fellow citizens of this great nation, at all points on the political spectrum, to take the time to do their homework before they respond to politically-charged sound bites.

“Seek first to understand…”


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