You never know who’s watching…

Ok, here’s some crazy info for you.  It’d been a while since I posted anything, then put up a new blog entry a few days ago.  Tonight, I went in to check my stats, just to see if anyone’s reading.  To the 18 folks that checked out my last post, I thank you for taking the time, and hope it was worth your while.  OK, so two of those were probably me, and one was my loving and supportive wife.  So it’s probably more like 15.  Anyway, I noticed that since I started this thing, I’ve had 950+ page views!  Wow!  I would never have guessed I drew that much attention.  That got me curious–who are all of these folks?

The stat tracker I used to use shut down, so I’m stuck with the one resident on my host, which only shows what country the hits come from.  Guess where I’m most popular?  RUSSIA!  That’s right, more hits from Russia than from the US.

Since I have only publicized this through my Facebook page, I’m pretty sure my readers in Russia don’t know me!

Here’s all of the stats:

Russia (522)
United States (341)
Israel (47)
Malaysia (13)
Germany (8)
United Kingdom (7)
France (3)
Netherlands (3)
India (2)
South Africa (1)
The reason for all this international acclaim?  My best guess is that my posts with “Un-American” and “Christians …terrorists” in them came up on page 872 of a Google-search of some REALLY bored people.That’s all.  No deep thoughts.  Thanks for reading.  Maybe I’ll think something profound tomorrow.

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