Because we need more rational dialog, not irrational diatribes.

Let’s talk to one another about the things that are causing misunderstanding, dissention, anger, fear, …

I’ve never read Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, but his quote (in the tag line at the top) has stuck with me. It’s Habit 5. A few points, if you don’t want to follow the link: Communication is critically important in almost everything we do, and most of us start by valuing our own position so much, that we want to make sure everyone else understands (and agrees with it).

I’m probablly the worst offender, but at least I’m aware of it, and will try to address it.

Back to “Why?”

My overarching goal is to get us all talking with one another. Not shouting at one another, not labeling, classifying, and condemning.

Mankind is the most complex being God created. Through the course of history, man has developed rich language to convey all the nuances of what is going on in our complex minds. We’re built to have relationships, with one another, and with God. The history of man is a history of advancing our ability to communicate, to relate, and to understand one another and God.

The last 20 years in America seems to be headed the opposite way. We try to capture complex thoughts in “sound bites”. We have taken most publications to the “People magazine” theory–reduce every concept to a story that can easily be read in one bathroom sitting (without your legs going to sleep). We try to distill complex social or economic problems to what can be fit into a 90 second debate response, or a 2.5 minute “feature story” on TV news.

The Lincoln-Douglas Senate debates of 1858 had the first candidate speak for an hour, followed by the opponent’s 90 minute response, followed by the first speaker’s 30 minute rejoinder! 3 hour debates! Seven of them! And newspapers across the nation printed complete transcripts. The primary topic of each was slavery. These two Senate candidates talked for over 21 hours primarily on ONE topic.

The issues facing our world today are arguably much more complex (not more important, but more complex) than slavery, but our politicians, our media, nor the general public are engaging in meaningful dialog. How can we hope to resolve issues if we don’t even take the time to understand them? What little time we do spend addressing them is focused with laser-like intensity on advancing our own positions.

I hope to change that. Here. And by doing so, I hope to change the world, to make it a better place. Pretty tall order, I know. Most would say “impossible”. But I serve a pretty big God. With him, all things are possible. I’m just availing myself to Him as a willing vessel, to be used for his purpose (hopefully while surpressing my own purposes and agendas!).

Plus, healthy, challenging, thought-provoking dialog is FUN!


One thought on “Why?

  1. Why? The problem is not lack of understanding or lack of awareness of the issues. It is an unwillingnes to get involved. We believe that anyone who does not agree with us is an enemy,bigot etc. We cannot accept that some other opinion is just that a different opinion. No, Rodney King "we can't all just get along" and praise God for that. Our President likes to talk about divese ideas. But certainly does not want us to disagree with him. Our country seek bi-partasin but does not recognize that our founder saw gridlock as our protection from an over reaching government.

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