Why are we so angry?

A quick glance at the cable news channels, the local newspaper website (what do we call it once they stop producing a paper?), a drive around town, or a conversation with co-workers, all seem to yield a similar underlying sentiment:


Have you noticed it? Am I mischaracterizing it?

It took me a while to come up with this analysis, and I acknowledge that I may be incorrect. But, here are some examples:

-The nation’s response to our President’s recent statement about the actions of a police officer in New England.

-The response of some local forum commenters to an article about ConocoPhillips’ quarterly financial statement release (they were highly offended at the “dismal” returns of $1.3 billion-never mind that it was a return on investment of less than 4%)

-The response of many in my home state of Alaska, and throughout our nation, to our recently resigned Governor’s actions of, well, everything. For those of you who missed it, she stepped into the national spotlight about 8 months ago as the Republican candidate for VP. She was adored by half the country, and despised by half.

  • Many here were angry that she left the state to campaing for VP.
  • Upon her defeat, many were angry at her for returning to be Governor.
  • After a tumultuous half-year, she resigned from being Governor, angering many (including those who were angry at her for being Governor?).
  • After being elected in part on a promise of being open and transparent, she was chastized for having a private e-mail account that she apparently used to govern in private.
  • Upon establishing a Twitter account, she was chastized by many for sharing what she was thinking.

-The reaction of a local driver the other day, who after crossing three lanes of traffic to cut me off, made it a point to LEAN OVER TO THE PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW in order to ensure I saw his one-fingered salute when I changed lanes to pass him?

As you might be able to detect from my points above, I don’t approve of these examples. Am I angry? Yeah, kinda. I guess I’m frustrated, more than angry. Why are we so angry about everything?


One thought on “Why are we so angry?

  1. I don't know why all are so angry. But as an older american I see a country I have loved and served falling apart for lack of individual responsibility. We have to establish blame on any and all issues.We Used to have politicians who would do what is best, we had voters who considered it an obligation to vote and participate by writing or phoning your congressman. Now politicians only act in self interest and voters less than 50% who are eligible are one issue voters. NRA, Abortion, Social security, Health care.I guess I am placing blame……. Americans would rather be secure than free.

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